The Bicycle


The bicycle, a device that reminds you of the “way” among many destinations today; The joy of experiencing a sense of liberation and independence, along with a little spice of fear of losing your balance. A bike that accompanies you instead of controlling you. A tool that has the power to transform today’s car-oriented cities into more human-centered ones. The prerequisite for keeping your balance is the will to pedal and keep going.



  • The Bicycle: Rethinking How We Move Around Our Cities | Mohammad Nazarpoor


  • Learning from Historic Cycling Activism | Peter Cox
  • Rethinking the Mobility Paradigm | Marco te Brömmelstroet
  • Changing Cycling Cultures in Berlin | Maximilian Hoor
  • Merleau-Ponty on the Bike! | Mohammad Nazarpoor
  • Social Ballet on Wheels; the Bicycle Puts Faith in Other People in Motion at City Scale | Karen Lee
  • Riding Bicycles in the Netherlands | Roy Symons
  • The Role of Human Infrastructure in Shifting the Way We Move in Our Cities | Lucas Snaije
  • The Soft Power of Cycling’s Public Image | James Crossley
  • My Bike Experience from Barcelona to Amsterdam | Gemma Simón-i-Mas
  • A Green and Pleasant Land: Nature and Cycling in the English West Country | Mel Cairns
  • Faster than the Wind: Women Cycling in the Middle East | Alon Raab
  • Community Bike Workshops and Bicycle Repair: the Global Picture | Simon Batterbury and Hedeeyeh Baradar
  • Spatial Strategies and Metropolitan Peripheries: the Extension of Cycling Networks in Mexico
  • City and Toronto | Thomas van Laake
  • Walk Towards Future: Integrating the World | Saran Bhatia and Kritika Juneja
  • Can and if Pedals Change the Future? Wheel versus Engine- Oriented Development | Mohammad Reza Mahdizadeh
  • Return of the Child-Friendly City? How Social Movements Are Changing European Urban Areas | Jonne Silonsaari, Gemma Simón i Mas, Jordi Honey-Rosés & Marco te Brömmelstroet


  • BOOK REVIEW: Cycling Activism: Bike Politics and Social Movements | Mohammad Nazarpoor


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