Kooche magazine aims to analyze various issues with a critical approach to the city and architecture from the perspective of cultural sociology, art with the mission of “step by step definition of architecture and ideal city for humans”, relying on the understanding of the components and indicators of the “here-now” situation. put In this regard, experts and researchers in each field will be asked to express their views and opinions on the way to overcome the upcoming challenges in that matter.
In each issue, a case will be opened on a specific topic, which will deal with the upcoming problems in the architecture of Iran’s metropolises, and will be printed and published in the form of Koocheh Quarterly.

In the street, whether you like it or not, we have greetings and greetings with all residents. We want to go through it together and slowly explore the business, ethics and immorality of its creators. Let’s learn about the wounds and injuries that have been inflicted on the body of the city, as well as the ointments and bandages that have been put on it.